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My illustration career began at Philadelphia STYLE Magazine, where i was a design intern, when they asked me to create an illustration for their horoscope section.  After designing this one illustration I was hooked and from here I went on to create countless illustrations for both the Philadelphia and Washington periodicals, receiving a Silver Addy Award for one of my illustrations.  I've had work featured in Vanity Fair and SELF Magazine along with many local publications such as Philadelphia Magazine, Business Weekly and The Jawn

While working as a freelance illustrator I also fell into my own as a graphic designer.  At times I worked full time for hospitality, real estate, or corporate firms, while at other times I chose to freelance. I've been incredibly fortunate to work with some really great companies and clients over the years.  There's always a great synergy of ideas and passion when we're creating the new 'face' of their company.  I've worked with international and local companies alike and always strive to find the thing that makes them unique, to find what makes them, well, them. 

The bread and butter of any graphic designer is creating great promotions and to date I've created countless pieces and even won an American Graphic Design Award.  I believe promotional pieces should extend a client's brand identity with custom brochures, flyers and/or web graphics. I've included samples from many of my different promotions ranging from corporate, nightlife, hospitality, to complex mechanical illustrations of industrial equipment so you can get a feel for my different styles and their applications.


I also am a working artist who specializes in custom children's mixed media 'Story' portraiture.  I use a combination of traditional art techniques, such as watercolor, sketching, or print making.  I then take all of the traditional art elements and remix them using modern digital effects and collage technique. 

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